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Department of Motor Vehicles Form FR-309 Financial Responsibility Box 1498 Blythewood SC 29016-0040 FOR INSURANCE COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE USE ONLY Check here if a Form SR-23 Fleet policy of 25 or more vehicles is on file with the Department covering your vehicle. South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles FR- 309 FR- 21 FR-309 Est. 7/05 For office use only TRAFFIC COLLISION REPORT Sheet of sheet s of sheet s Not Investigated by Law Enforcement According to South Carolina Law 56-5-1270 the...
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How to fill out sc accident form fr


How to fill out fr 309?

Start by providing your personal information, such as your name, address, and contact details.
Fill in the relevant sections regarding your employment or business details, including the name of your employer or business, your occupation or position, and your work address.
Complete the necessary sections related to your income, deductions, and tax credits. This may include providing information about your salary, investments, expenses, and any other relevant financial details.
Ensure that you accurately report any required information about dependents, such as their names, ages, and relationship to you.
Review the form thoroughly before submitting it, double-checking all the information you have provided for accuracy and completeness.

Who needs fr 309?

Individuals who are required to file their taxes and need to report their income, deductions, and tax credits.
Employees who need to provide accurate information about their employment and income to meet their tax obligations.
Business owners or self-employed individuals who need to report their business income and expenses for tax purposes.
Anyone with dependents who are eligible for tax benefits or deductions and need to declare them on their tax form.
Overall, anyone who is obligated to file their taxes and falls under the criteria specified by the fr 309 form needs to fill it out accurately and completely.

Who needs the FR-309 form?

The FR-309 Form is the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles form that serves as the Traffic Collision Report (Not Investigated by Law Enforcement). The Section 56-5-1270 of the South Carolina Law on Motor Vehicles states that the driver or owner of a motor vehicle must report the accident in which their vehicle has somehow been involved if it resulted in property damage estimated at least $1000 or in death or physical injury, in case no law enforcement has investigated the event.

What is the purpose of the FR-309 form?

The submission of the Report is vital in informing the Motor Vehicles Department about the details of the road accident, particularly the damage done, the victims (if any) and the insurance information of the person involved.

When is the FR-309 form due?

The South Carolina Traffic Collision Report must be submitted by each of the drivers involved in the accident within 15 days after it happened.

Is the FR-309 accompanied by any other forms?

Typically there is no need to accompany the report form by any of forms except for providing additional regarding FR-309A section described on the first page of the FR-309 itself. However, in some cases, additional materials may be required after the Department of Motor Vehicles has reviewed the report.

How to fill out the FR-309 Report?

The foremost requirement to pay attention to while filing the FR-309 is that there are two parties who must jointly complete the report form: the driver involved in the accident and their insurance provider.

The driver must indicate the:

  • Date, precise time and place of the traffic collision;
  • Data about the driver: name, date of birth, address, driver's license;
  • Data about vehicle: vehicle identification number, make, type;
  • Parts damaged and the cost of repair;
  • Information about the driver or pedestrian involved in the accident: name, address, date of birth, driver’s license, the car details, parts damaged and the cost of repair.
  • Other damage done to property and the basic information its owner.
  • Information about the victims: name, sex, injury, vehicle number, medical facility taken to, etc.
  • Description of the event.

The insurance provider must provide the:

  • Name of the insurance company;
  • Name of the policyholder;
  • Policy date and number;
  • Name, title, signature of the authorized representative filing the report.

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FR 309 is a form used by the Federal Reserve Banks to provide information for the Treasury Tax and Loan (TT&L) accounts. This form is used to track the movement of funds from FRB customer accounts to the U.S. Treasury. It is also used to record the activity of TT&L accounts, including deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.
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